Rules and Etiquette

07-12-2018 16:43

Celeb chat
Whilst some are going to be tempted to chat about celebs on here and who they think would be a good investment bear the following in mind. Don't EVER discuss anything about a celeb that could land you in court and certainly don't break court orders or reveal information that could reveal a celebs identity if it's currently being hidden by the mainstream media or the authorities.

Celebs of course are in the public eye but you must always follow the law - if a court has forbidden them from being identified, DO NOT EVER discuss them on here in a way that either directly links them to the issue at hand or could be inferred that it's about them. You may not be aware but this is something that the original CelebDAQ came under fire for when a celeb was identified on the websites message boards.  We have absolutely no desire to allow that to happen here and run a zero tollerance approch;

  • Anyone found doing this or indeed involved in the discussion regardless of how they contributed will be instantly removed from the entire site without ANY recourse.
  • Any memberships paid will never be refunded should this happen to you
  • You have been warned about not doing this and this is the only warning you will get on this subject there will be no second chances - ever.

Swearing and personal attacks
Whilst swearing isn't encouraged, minimal swearing in context, is okay. However, excessive swearing or swearing as part of personal attacks is not allowed. Arguments and heated debates are fine, personal attacks aren't. Ever - do it and expect to be kicked off the website.

Links and pictures
Links to warez, cheats, virii or anything used to break copyright is forbidden. As is posting any images linked to porn sites, including semi naked ones. Clearly anything illegal is also not allowed - ever.

Whilst everyone loves to advertise their stuff - bear in mind that this probably isn't the best place to do it. Do you really think you'll get more traffic here than google?

Don't spam - it's not big or clever and makes you look silly.  We've been using the internet since the days of CompuServe (yes, if you remember that you really are as old as us :( ) and we've seen it all, read the book and bought the shirt.  We aren't in the slightest interested in anything you have to sell us, nor are we remotely fooled by 419 scams and all their variations.  Seriously just don't waste your time. 

Actually maybe you should - then we can post your pathetic attempt up on here and let everyone know what you are doing so you've even less chance of it tricking someone who might fall for it.

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