Is there a limit to how much cash you can have? - the original CelebDAQ only let you have 1 million..?

06-03-2019 13:02

In the good old days of the original Celebdaq you would get "kneecapped" (such a nice phrase) when your bank account hit 1 million.  You would have your account wiped out back to the starting figure of 10,000 and be given a little wad of cash symbol to appear next to your name to show you'd reached that magic number.

Sounds fair.

Hmm... not really - so, we do things a little differently.  

You actually have two accounts - your main bank account that you buy and sell celebs with, and a second account that is a "savings" account if you like that you can use to get other things with....   You can use this savings account to buy ingame trophies such as a big fast car, boat etc.

However, whilst you can have any amount of cash in your main account - come dividend time the hammer comes down!  If you have more than 1 million in your bank account at this point, the excess is moved to your savings account.

So, for example suppose it's Monday and you currently have 1,000,000 in your bank.  Tuesday afternoon you sell some stock worth 5,000,000.  Now you have 6 million in your bank (result!)...

The rest of the week you sell some more shares and so by the weekend you've got 8 million in your main bank account (dinners on you).

That 8 million will stay there until Sunday at 6pm when the dividends are calculated - at this point CelebDAQ will transfer any cash over 1 million into your savings account and leave you with just 1 million in the bank.  So, 7 million of your 8 million gets transferred and you have 1 million left to start again with.


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