How do Leagues work?

26-04-2019 16:39

Ok, simply put, a CelebDAQ league is a private team of traders that a trader creates - anyone can do this. You are allowed up to 2.

Other traders then join your team.  You can choose to allow other traders to add themselves or you can make it so that you must approve each trader who asks to join.

Long term plans are for teams to compete against other teams in "best" team charts.= but at the present time the team players all compete against each other.

To create a league

  • Visit the Leagues meny option
  • Under the first tab (Your Leagues) - choose if you want to auto or manually approve people requesting to join and enter a name you'd like to call the league.  Then click on Create.
  • The league should be created and will then appear with a "cog" next to it - use this to delete the league if you want to.
  • Other traders will now need to search for your league under their login using the 3rd tab (Join League).  They simply need to enter your public trader name and click on Search.  Any leagues you have created will appear and they can then choose to join immediately (if you selected to auto approve traders) or request to join (if you chose to manually approve traders).
  • To activate a game mode for your league - under the 1st tab (Leagues) - select the game mode you'd like to run.
  • Choose the league you'd like to run it against and then click Activate!

Thats it - your league is created and the game is running - check the game status under the "Games" tab.

You can stop the game running at any time - just select any of the game modes and click the Deactivate button - this doesn't delete the league it just removes the game more from it.



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