Top Traders - everything you need to know.

01-05-2019 12:47

Ok, every week Monday to Sunday CelebDAQ records how much each of your investments has made and calculates the percentage gain in each case.

All this data is analysed on Sunday night and the trader with the highest total gain for their portfolio is crowned the Top Trader of that week.  And as a reward they'll get a little badge attached to their name.  You only get the badge once no matter how many times you've won it.


However, there's a problem.  Established traders with high gain portfolio's will effectively always win the Top Trader award each week and so so prevent newer players from ever getting a chance to win.

The driving principle of Top Trader is to make it accessible to all players so... Top Trader actually consists of Levels - and all traders start at Level 1.

When you are crowned winner you are moved into the next higher level.  This means that you are only ever competing against other players that are in a similar position to you.  By doing this every player on CelebDAQ will be on an even footing against all the other players.  As they get better they are moved up to the next level to allow lower ranking players a chance to win as well.

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