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Rules and Etiquette

Celeb chat
Whilst some are going to be tempted to chat about celebs on here and who they think would be a good investment bear the following in mind. Don't EVER discuss anything about a celeb that could land you in court and certainly don't break court orders or reveal information that could reveal a celebs identity if it's currently being hidden by the mainstream media or the authorities.

Celebs of course are in the public eye but you must always follow the law - if a court has forbidden them from being identified, DO NOT EVER discuss them on here in a way that either directly links them to the issue at hand or could be inferred that it's about them. You may not be aware but this is something that the original CelebDAQ came under fire for when a celeb was identified on the websites message boards.  We have absolutely no desire to allow that to happen here and run a zero tollerance approch;

  • Anyone found doing this or indeed involved in the discussion regardless of how they contributed will be instantly removed from the entire site without ANY recourse.
  • Any memberships paid will never be refunded should this happen to you
  • You have been warned about not doing this and this is the only warning you will get on this subject there will be no second chances - ever.

Swearing and personal attacks
Whilst swearing isn't encouraged, minimal swearing in context, is okay. However, excessive swearing or swearing as part of personal attacks is not allowed. Arguments and heated debates are fine, personal attacks aren't. Ever - do it and expect to be kicked off the website.

Links and pictures
Links to warez, cheats, virii or anything used to break copyright is forbidden. As is posting any images linked to porn sites, including semi naked ones. Clearly anything illegal is also not allowed - ever.

Whilst everyone loves to advertise their stuff - bear in mind that this probably isn't the best place to do it. Do you really think you'll get more traffic here than google?

Don't spam - it's not big or clever and makes you look silly.  We've been using the internet since the days of CompuServe (yes, if you remember that you really are as old as us :( ) and we've seen it all, read the book and bought the shirt.  We aren't in the slightest interested in anything you have to sell us, nor are we remotely fooled by 419 scams and all their variations.  Seriously just don't waste your time. 

Actually maybe you should - then we can post your pathetic attempt up on here and let everyone know what you are doing so you've even less chance of it tricking someone who might fall for it.

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Are all celebrities listed? - what about dead ones?

As you can imagine the list of celebs that could be in our market is huge.  As of the date of this article there are over 700 listed and we are adding new ones all the time - often when they crop up in news items or when someone searches for them and it's flagged up by our database.

There is however one exception - celebs who have died and are no longer with us are not included.  By the very nature of them not being around any more the chances of them attaining a "value" and keeping it for any length of time is practically nill so to us they wouldn't seem like  a good investment to make.

If you don't agree with this notion then we are happy to rethink it - put your comments forward on this if you'd like us to reconsider it.

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There's very few sports people on CelebDAQ, is there a reason for this

Actually yes there is.

There's a long term project going on and depending on how things play out with CelebDAQ we'll have more on this subject at a later date.  You might in the meantime find one or two sports people on CelebDAQ anyway.  The reasoning for this is simply that their status is probably more of a celeb than a sports person so they should probably feature more as that rather that solely a sports person.

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What happens if a celeb dies?


You can think of this a bit like a company that suddenly makes an announcement that they have gone bust.  At this moment their shares are worthless - it's the same idea on CelebDAQ. 

When we detect that a celeb has passed away their value is set to 0 and trading in them is stopped. They will also eventually be removed from the exchange.  If you had any investment in that celeb - you've now lost the lot.

Thats the stock market for you.


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Do I get dividends for celebs I've invested in?


The original CelebDAQ worked this way - you bought shares and then a dividend was paid out at the end of the week based on the celebs exposure in the media during the week.  That exposure was used to make a determination on how the share price was affected.  As to how exactly they worked out how it changed the share price is anyones guess.  Maybe they had a dedicated formula, mabe not. I guess only the original founders will know the answer to that question.

We are a little more "interactive" than that - the world has moved on a bit in the 8 years+ since the original CelebDAQ game and the prices of the stock change all the time.  So whilst the stock rising or falling affects your own portfolio in it's own right, you also get a dividend payment at the end of each week, currently 6pm every Sunday based on how your stocks have performed over the past 7 days.   Once that performance has been calculated, it's used to generate a payment to you based on the amount of the stock you have.  So, if the stock does really well - you do really well, if the stock doesn't do anything - you'll get nothing.  Simple really. 

However, you need to bear in mind that the amount you will get is completely dependant on how long you have held them for.  If it's less than 7 days then you will get a payment but it will be based on the number of days you've held them.  More than 7 days and you get the full amount. 

There are two things that will prevent you getting a dividend payment.  The first is if the celeb doesn't increase in value in the current week and the second is if you bought the shares on dividend day - you need to have held them for at least 1 day to get "something".

 Lastly you need to understand the dividend payment is based on you holding the stock at dividend payment time.  If you don't own it when the payment is due to be made - you won't get anything.  So, for example say you buy shares in a celeb on Monday and keep them all week until Friday when you sell them. During the week you were projected to get a dividend of 20K - but because you didn't have them when on Sunday (you sold them on Friday), you won't get that payment.

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How does the CelebDAQ stock market work?


Wouldn't you like to know!

We won't reveal "exactly" how it functions because some people may try and use that to their advantage or try and "engineer" a situation. This makes it unfair for everyone else so we won't break it down completely but we will say this...

"Celeb prices are controlled by how much exposure in the mainstream media they get (or don't get..), as well as being affected by when their shares are bought and sold by traders.  All celebs when added to the exchange start at the same base price to ensure that everyone gets a fair "crack of the whip" so to speak. We scan news sources from many sources but in a balanced way so that no one celeb will dominate the exchange unless of course almost every news source carries stories about them all the time. Trader activities and how they affect share prices are watched all the time and the prices of celebs are adjusted to take account of those changes. "



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Is there a limit to how many celebs you can buy?

In a word, no. The only thing that controls how many shares or celebs you buy shares in is how much money you have. You can spread your cash across loads of celebs or invest it all in just one - entirely up to you.   Obviously there are risks and rewards to either way - but in terms of limits - it's your cash that limits you and nothing else.

You might though want to bear in mind that having a huge portfolio can also mean a huge amount of work to administer it.  It might work out better to not have a large number of investments and instead to choose who you invest in  wisely in order to maximise the cash you can invest on the back of breaking stories.

In short - how you play the game is up to you.  But as a guide - the top few richest players do not have very large portfolios...

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What is the point of the graphs?

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Well, numbers can tell you all sorts of things but often you can glean more info by simply looking - a chart can show you what the share price has been doing.  Is it constantly rising or constantly falling? 

Does it go up and down like a Yoyo really rapidly or is this process stretched out over  time?

A stock that is continuing to rise looks like it could be a winner - the news articles will indicate whats going on and that could help decide if it's worth investing.

Yoyo'ing all over the place could be risky - a short term investment like this could drop in value very fast but equally rise in value very fast - you'd have to time your purchase to make the most of it

 Stock that is dropping in price is probably one to avoid - unless it's started to gain exposure again in which case perhaps it's time to buy low and sell high when it's price has gone back up.

Now - imagine looking at a sea of numbers and trying to come to the same conclusion...

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Can I tell if stock I see I already own?


When you upgrade your account to a subscriber one - Level 2 or above, you will see a little orange bell shaking next to a celeb if they are one that you have invested in..

So, if you would like this feature and don't have it - you need to subscribe!

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Why does some stock have a limited life span?

We decided that certain things are pretty much only going to feature in the news for a short period before they come back to life again - Strictly, X-Factor, I'm A Celeb etc.

While they are running they feature heavily but once over, barely get a mention so as an extra "dynamic" for the website they are given a life span - after that time has been reached the stock instantly becomes worthless.

So, the challenge for you is how long are you going to keep your stock? If you hold onto it for too long and the magic date passes you'll suddenly find it's worth nothing so you'll need to balance how much you want to make against leaving it to the very last minute before selling.

Of course we are all open and up front about this so when you buy a stock with a life span attached, you'll get a warning to tell you that after a certain date it will be worthless.

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Some of the graphs against traders look odd with long straight lines that last days - whats going on?

We know - it's down to a programming error that occurred during that time that was incorrectly recording data against the celebs and so you should ignore those parts of the data. When we get a moment we'll see if we can identify the affected ones and clear out the data thats causing it.

Rest assured that it hasn't affected the operation of the website at all though.

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What sorts of things affect prices?

There are various things taken into account.

Firstly prices rise "generally" if a celeb features in the media.   On top of this the news article is analysed to see what it's actually about.  Depending on that process that price of the celeb is then adjusted further - either higher or lower.

A celeb being arrested or found guilty of something would be bad so their price is marked down.  Conversely a celeb announcing good news would see a bigger rise take place than normal.

You will need to bear this in mind when it comes to investing.  For example a celeb featuring in the news because they are reported to be involved in some shady dealings could mean they might be arrested.  Whilst this would hit the headlines, if it were to happen their share price would drop drastically so investing in them might not be wise....

Traders actions affect prices but these actions are delayed so it's not possible for a "group" of traders to try and crash a celebs price and force everyone to sell their shares as they won't see an immediate impact on anything that happens.  In the future this may change so that the window between trader actions and the price adjustments is narrower but for now it's staying as it.  Yes, we aren't going to tell you what it is either so don't ask.



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Where do the dividends go? They aren't in the 'bank activity' section, that just has where i have bought shares and got a daily visit reward, and my Savings Account has nothing in it, so where are the dividends going?


Sorry it's taken so long to come back to you - coding changes to CelebDAQ has taken up all the time available :)

Ok - at the time you posted this, the dividends were simply added to your bank account but then your account was capped at 1 million and the excess moved to your savings account (it's under My Account).

Since then we've changed the process.  Now the 1 million cap runs BEFORE the dividends so any payments now made hit your bank account after this process so you can then use them to invest if you choose before the following weeks cap when the process repeats.

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Last update: 12-05-2019 23:12

Do I need to own shares in a celeb on 'dividend day' to get a dividend? If I owned shares in a celeb, but bought and sold within the week prior, do i get a dividend based on the amount of time I owned?


Sorry for the late reply - been a little tied up making changes to CelebDAQ.

In a word yes - you need to have them in your portfolio AND they need to have made a gain in the week for you to get a payment.

The dividends are paid on based on what you HAVE in your portfolio and not what you HAD in your portfolio.  If you choose to sell shares in a celeb you will be sacrificing any potential dividend if you do this.  The dividend is a reward for you holding onto the shares long term (ok a week isn't THAT long but still).  If you get rid of them prior to the payout then you won't get anything.

We could possibly code CelebDAQ differently but it's fairly complex as it is and we need to keep things as simple and fun as possible whilst at the same time trying to add some sort of "realism" to the process (very loosly at that).

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Where do the dividends go? They aren't in the 'bank activity' section, that just has where i have bought shares and got a daily visit reward, and my Savings Account has nothing in it, so where are the dividends going?


Sorry it's taken so long to come back to you.

They used to go direct into your bank account but the bank activity screen didn't show this - so yes, a little confusing.  Also, the 1 million capping process would then take any excess out and move it to your savings account under My Account.  Not good.

Now it's different - the 1 million cap now runs BEFORE the dividend payment is made so you'll now get the chance to use the dividend money - which is paid to your bank account (and and entry appears in your Bank Activity as well) without it being moved to you saving account.

You then have effectively until the following Sunday to use it before it's moved by the capping process to the savings bank..

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Where do the dividends go? They aren't in the 'bank activity' section, that just has where i have bought shares and got a daily visit reward, and my Savings Account has nothing in it, so where are the dividends going?

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Do I need to own shares in a celeb on 'dividend day' to get a dividend? If I owned shares in a celeb, but bought and sold within the week prior, do i get a dividend based on the amount of time I owned?

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What are the main differences between a Basic account and a Paid one?

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I've got bazillions in the bank from all my insane trading - now what?


Once you have enough you can buy various items - fast cars, big houses even a rowing boat (not joking).

Once you've bought these things you'll see them against your profile. Each item is listed in a category - cars, boats etc are all grouped together in their own group, so all cars are together, boats together etc.

Each category has a  special "badge" which appears next to your trader name once you have bought all the items within it.

So for example once you've bought all the paintings and artworks items you'll earn the " Art Critic" badge.

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What is an Order Book and why do I need one?

Not everyone will want one of these or even use it, but its there for you to use if you want to. An order book is where you give us a list of the things you'd like to buy - but not right now, only when the time is right.

As example, suppose you wanted to buy shares in a celeb but there's no way you're going to pay 2,000 CD each - thats waayy too much!

However, you'd be happy to splash out for 10 of their shares at say 1,500 CD, so you agree to buy 10 of their shares but at the same time you enter the figure of 1,500.  You need to be on the full website - not a mobile or tablet to do this.

Our system will create an entry in the Order Book for you and it will then watch the value of that celeb's shares and the moment they drop or rise to the amount you entered (in this example 1,500) it will then automatically purchase the amount you said you wanted.

However, if you haven't got enough cash in your bank when that happens - the sale won't go ahead.

So the Order Book is a way of delaying an order until another time.

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Last update: 07-12-2018 22:03

How do I sell stock I own - I'm starting to loose money!

Easy - on the main homepage you will see a mini portiolio of all the shares you own.  Simply select the one you are interested in selling and then select the shopping basket icon.  Enter/change the number to sell (by default it's all of them) and then Select "Sell this quantity".

If you are  basic member the process is no different except you can't change the amount you sell - you'd have to sell all of them.

And thats it - you'll sell them, and then a message will pop up saying they are sold and how much has gone back into your bank.

You need to keep in mind though - this action only affect the ENTRY you select - if you had made 10 seperate purchases of say Daniel Craig shares and wanted to sell some of them, selecting Sell only sells that entry, not the other 9.

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Last update: 21-12-2018 16:55

Is there a limit to how much cash you can have? - the original CelebDAQ only let you have 1 million..?

In the good old days of the original Celebdaq you would get "kneecapped" (such a nice phrase) when your bank account hit 1 million.  You would have your account wiped out back to the starting figure of 10,000 and be given a little wad of cash symbol to appear next to your name to show you'd reached that magic number.

Sounds fair.

Hmm... not really - so, we do things a little differently.  

You actually have two accounts - your main bank account that you buy and sell celebs with, and a second account that is a "savings" account if you like that you can use to get other things with....   You can use this savings account to buy ingame trophies such as a big fast car, boat etc.

However, whilst you can have any amount of cash in your main account - come dividend time the hammer comes down!  If you have more than 1 million in your bank account at this point, the excess is moved to your savings account.

So, for example suppose it's Monday and you currently have 1,000,000 in your bank.  Tuesday afternoon you sell some stock worth 5,000,000.  Now you have 6 million in your bank (result!)...

The rest of the week you sell some more shares and so by the weekend you've got 8 million in your main bank account (dinners on you).

That 8 million will stay there until Sunday at 6pm when the dividends are calculated - at this point CelebDAQ will transfer any cash over 1 million into your savings account and leave you with just 1 million in the bank.  So, 7 million of your 8 million gets transferred and you have 1 million left to start again with.


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On mobile I can't see anything about creating an order book - what gives?

To be honest its simply as issue of space.  Mobile/tablet screens are just a lot smaller (duh) that a desktop screen so there's only so much space to go around.  If you access the site on a desktop you will see the options to change create an Order Book entry when you buy your chosen stock.  You can "force" this to happen on your phone as long as it allows you to display the "desktop site" or enter "desktop mode" (or whatever phrase it uses).

Perhaps in time I'll change it to be available but at the moment it's all about striking a balance between what people need quick access to the most versus things they need every now and then.

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What can I do with the "savings" - what's the point of it?

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How do Leagues work?

Ok, simply put, a CelebDAQ league is a private team of traders that a trader creates - anyone can do this. You are allowed up to 2.

Other traders then join your team.  You can choose to allow other traders to add themselves or you can make it so that you must approve each trader who asks to join.

Long term plans are for teams to compete against other teams in "best" team charts.= but at the present time the team players all compete against each other.

To create a league

  • Visit the Leagues meny option
  • Under the first tab (Your Leagues) - choose if you want to auto or manually approve people requesting to join and enter a name you'd like to call the league.  Then click on Create.
  • The league should be created and will then appear with a "cog" next to it - use this to delete the league if you want to.
  • Other traders will now need to search for your league under their login using the 3rd tab (Join League).  They simply need to enter your public trader name and click on Search.  Any leagues you have created will appear and they can then choose to join immediately (if you selected to auto approve traders) or request to join (if you chose to manually approve traders).
  • To activate a game mode for your league - under the 1st tab (Leagues) - select the game mode you'd like to run.
  • Choose the league you'd like to run it against and then click Activate!

Thats it - your league is created and the game is running - check the game status under the "Games" tab.

You can stop the game running at any time - just select any of the game modes and click the Deactivate button - this doesn't delete the league it just removes the game more from it.



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Last update: 26-04-2019 16:39

When do leagues run From and To?

Leagues operate under the same time frame as the dividends so it's Monday to the following Sunday.

You can actually activate a league at any time during the week - the data that drives the league is already held by CelebDAQ so it makes no difference when during the current week you activate it.

You will however notice that nothing will appear on Mondays and thats due to the way the data is collected - Monday is taken into account but won't be shown until the next day.

The process that controls the leagues effectively "rolls" over each week so you can activate a game mode against a league and keep it running if you wish week after week without having to "reset" it - it effectively resets itself every Sunday.

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Top Traders - everything you need to know.

Ok, every week Monday to Sunday CelebDAQ records how much each of your investments has made and calculates the percentage gain in each case.

All this data is analysed on Sunday night and the trader with the highest total gain for their portfolio is crowned the Top Trader of that week.  And as a reward they'll get a little badge attached to their name.  You only get the badge once no matter how many times you've won it.


However, there's a problem.  Established traders with high gain portfolio's will effectively always win the Top Trader award each week and so so prevent newer players from ever getting a chance to win.

The driving principle of Top Trader is to make it accessible to all players so... Top Trader actually consists of Levels - and all traders start at Level 1.

When you are crowned winner you are moved into the next higher level.  This means that you are only ever competing against other players that are in a similar position to you.  By doing this every player on CelebDAQ will be on an even footing against all the other players.  As they get better they are moved up to the next level to allow lower ranking players a chance to win as well.

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Last update: 01-05-2019 12:47

How to change your login details?

You cannot change your traderid - once it's set, that it.  You will soon be able to alter your public name (you can already do your password and recovery question/answer under the My Account page.  In the meantime if you'd like to change your public name then email our support email address and we'll alter it for you.

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Last update: 04-09-2019 15:51