Is there a limit to how many celebs you can buy?

01-05-2019 12:38

In a word, no. The only thing that controls how many shares or celebs you buy shares in is how much money you have. You can spread your cash across loads of celebs or invest it all in just one - entirely up to you.   Obviously there are risks and rewards to either way - but in terms of limits - it's your cash that limits you and nothing else.

You might though want to bear in mind that having a huge portfolio can also mean a huge amount of work to administer it.  It might work out better to not have a large number of investments and instead to choose who you invest in  wisely in order to maximise the cash you can invest on the back of breaking stories.

In short - how you play the game is up to you.  But as a guide - the top few richest players do not have very large portfolios...

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