How does the CelebDAQ stock market work?

29-03-2019 22:54


Wouldn't you like to know!

We won't reveal "exactly" how it functions because some people may try and use that to their advantage or try and "engineer" a situation. This makes it unfair for everyone else so we won't break it down completely but we will say this...

"Celeb prices are controlled by how much exposure in the mainstream media they get (or don't get..), as well as being affected by when their shares are bought and sold by traders.  All celebs when added to the exchange start at the same base price to ensure that everyone gets a fair "crack of the whip" so to speak. We scan news sources from many sources but in a balanced way so that no one celeb will dominate the exchange unless of course almost every news source carries stories about them all the time. Trader activities and how they affect share prices are watched all the time and the prices of celebs are adjusted to take account of those changes. "



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